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To bring the best research in global health and development to leaders and policymakers to achieve results at scale with a focus on the poor and social justice.

Photo of A.K. NandakumarWelcome to the Institute for Global Health and Development

A.K. Nandakumar, Ph.D.

The Institute for Global Health and Development works on the structure and delivery of healthcare systems, with research, thought leadership and high level policy engagement aimed at shaping and informing the Universal Health Coverage agenda. Faculty and researchers in the Institute for Global Health and Development produce high quality and highly relevant work in the form of peer-reviewed journal articles, reports and presentations; serve on international committees and provide technical assistance to country governments and global institutions.  


Photo of Diana BowserDonald Shepard is the guest editor of the latest volume of WHO's Dengue Bulletin with 7 original studies co-authored by Brandeis researchers.

Dengue Bulletin Vol 34

Current Research

Does Funding from Donors Displace Government Spending for Health in Developing Countries?

Pathways of Health Technology Diffusion: The United States and Low-Income Countries

Cost-effectiveness of a dengue vaccine in Southeast Asia and Panama: preliminary estimates 

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