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Research Projects

Donald S. Shepard (PI), Yara Halasa, Wu Zeng, Aggrey Kihomo, PhD ‘04 (consultant)

“Cost-Effectiveness Study of Durable Lining Compared to Indoor Spraying in Kenya and Tanzania”
Funder: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Brandeis is conducting cost-effectiveness analysis in Kenya and Tanzania as part of cluster randomized trials of a new technology to help prevent malaria--insecticide treated wall liners. The study is also assessing the costs to government and families of symptomatic malaria cases and developing methods for costing and cost-effectiveness analyses vector control technologies more generally.  Brandeis is working with research institutes in Kenya and Tanzania which received independent funding from UNAID and CDC for the effectiveness studies.

Donald S. Shepard (PI), Cynthia Tschampl, Eduardo Undurraga, PhD ‘14

“Economic Evaluation of Dengue Control Program in Nicaragua and Mexico”
Funder: UBS Foundation; subcontract to Brandies from University of California, Berkeley

Brandeis is conducting the economic evaluation of traditional, government run dengue control programs (based primarily on fumigation), and an innovative, environmentally-friendly community program to reduce breeding sites to control the mosquitos that transmit dengue and chikungunya.


Diana Bowser (PI) “Health System Strengthening”; Funder: Management Sciences for Health 

The project will provide expertise around systems thinking and use of adaptive management; financial protection and risk-pooling; domestic resource mobilization and private sector financing; resourcing health services; total market approach to health service delivery; and improving public sector fiscal management and transparency. The project will also summarize the literature in some key areas and provide technical guidance

Diana Bowser (PI) “2020 MicroClinic Evaluation”; Funder: 2020 MicroClinic 

The project will evaluate the impact of 2020 MicroClinic’s program, Operation Karibu (OpK), in six sites in Kenya using facility and program data.

Diana Bowser (PI) “Develop a Business Plan for a Cardiac Care Center in Rwanda”; Funder: Team Heart

This project will use the results of Brandeis’ Health Systems Feasibility Study, and collect additional data and information for the business plan for a cardiac care center in Rwanda. 

Diana Bowser (PI) “Health System Strengthening and Oncology Care in Egypt, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Oman”; Funder: Roche Pharmaceuticals; subcontract to Brandeis from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 

The specific work plan focuses on a health system assessment of oncology care in six East Mediterranean countries: Egypt, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Oman. The aim of the research study is to establish how breast cancer is managed within each of these six health systems.

Diana Bowser (PI) “Achieving Excellence in Primary Health Care in Ethiopia”; Funder: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; subcontract to Brandeis from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

The project will assist the Ethiopian team with three main research activities: (1) An analysis of effective coverage of primary health care in Ethiopia, (2) An analysis of the equality of quality of care in Ethiopia and (3) understanding respectful care in Ethiopia.

Diana Bowser (PI) “Health Care Financing in India”; Funder: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; subcontract to Brandeis from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

This project will develop the methodology for and conduct the analysis for two main research activities: (1) a Benefits Incidence Analysis of Public Sector health care in India, and (2) a substitution analysis of central and local health care financing in India.

Donald S. Shepard (PI), Yara Halasa, Wu Zeng “Quality of Life of Dengue Patients”; Funder: Sanofi Pasteur

This study aims to increase knowledge on the adverse impact of dengue illness on quality of life based on a systematic literature review and analysis of an original data set. This information will allow for more accurate estimates of burden of disease and cost-effectiveness analyses of preventive interventions.

Donald Shepard (PI) “Aedes Transmitted Disease Modeling”; Funder: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 

This project is leading the economic evaluation of an innovative control approach based on the Wolbachia bacteria, examining programs in Indonesia, Brazil and Colombia.

Wu Zeng (PI) “Comprehensive Pricing Survey of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Bangladesh”; Funder: World Bank

The study will provide technical support on examining the prices, availability and affordability of medicines in Bangladesh.

Wu Zeng (PI) “Review of Value for Money in Results-based Financing Programs”; Funder: World Bank

This study will conduct a literature review of cost-effectiveness of health system interventions on maternal and child health in low- and middle-income countries. 


Donald S. Shepard (PI) “Cost-effectiveness of Dengue Vaccination in Endemic Countries”; Funder: Sanofi Pasteur

Following publications of Phase 3 randomized trials with 30,000 children across 10 countries in Asia and the Americas, this study is assessing the cost-effectiveness of this dengue vaccine in these endemic countries.

Wu Zeng (PI) “Understanding Disparities of Life Expectancy between Rural and Urban Populations in China, 2004-2014”; Funder: The Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Wu Zeng (Co-PI), Donald Shepard (Co-PI)  “Cost-effectiveness of Results-based Financing in Zimbabwe”; Funder: The World Bank

This study is obtaining economic data to merge with the previously developed impact evaluation to assess the cost-effectiveness of Zimbabwe’s program of results-based financing. The results will inform the country’s decision about how to extend the approach to the country’s districts not included in the initial phase.


Diana Bowser (PI) “Developing a Detailed Reform Design and Implementation Plan for Malaysia’s Health System Reform Effort”; Funder: Government of Malaysia; subcontract to Brandeis from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

This is a collaboration between Brandeis University and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to assist the Malaysian government to understand the current stock and distribution of health care workers in Malaysia and begin to understand the future needs for stock and distribution of health care workers, taking into consideration the changing burden of disease and population health needs in Malaysia. 

Diana Bowser (PI), Noella Bigirimana “Health System Feasibility of the Cardiac Care Center in Rwanda”; Funder: Team Heart 

Diana Bowser is working with Team Heart and other key partners within the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Rwanda to develop a work plan and proposal for the provision of expanded cardiac care to all populations in Rwanda. Team Heart is a group of cardiac surgeons and health professionals from Brigham and Women’s Hospital who have brought cardiac surgeons and surgical teams to Rwanda to provide cardiac surgery to over 100 individual suffering from Rheumatic Heart over the last ten years. With the burden of cardiovascular disease on the rise, a broader systematic analysis needs to be conducted to understand the feasibility of offering quality cardiovascular care to the entire Rwandan population. 

Donald S. Shepard (PI), Cynthia Tschampl, Yara Halasa “Economic Impact of Adult Oral Diseases”; Funder: DentaQuest Foundation; subcontract to Brandeis from Medicaid State Dental Association 

This study aims to quantify the socioeconomic impact of adult oral disease based on its relationship to general health, work productivity and social problems, and to assess the impact of this disease on quality of life. 

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