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  • Farag M., Nandakumar A.K., Wallack S., Gaumer G., Hodgkin D. "Does Funding From Donors Displace Government Spending For Health in Developing Countries?" Health Affairs, 28(4). 2009: 1045-1055.
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  • Nandakumar A.K., Beswick J., Thomas C.P, Wallack S.S., Kress D. "Pathways Of Health Technology Diffusion:The United States And Low-Income Countries." Health Affairs, 28(4). 2009:986-995.
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  • Shepard D.S., Suaya J.A. "Cost-effectiveness of a dengue vaccine in Southeast Asia and Panama: preliminary estimates."  In:  Handbook of Disease Burdens and Quality of Life Measures, Preedy, V. R.; Watson, R. R. (Eds.).  New York: Springer, 2010, Chapter 73, pp. 1281-1296
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Recently Awarded Grants (2011):
  • Joan Kaufman (PI)

    "Support to China Gates Foundation HIV Prevention Cooperation Program"
    Funder: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, subcontract to Brandeis from Tsinghua University
    This project will provide technical support to efforts to improve government and NGO linkages for effective AIDS prevention in China, curriculum development and development of case studies.

  • Donald Shepard (PI), Wu Zeng

    "Design of Health Insurance for the Gambia"
    Funder: International Health Partners (United Kingdom)
    This project will help the Gambia design a system of community-based health insurance.  The PI has conducted a site visit to the country and visited facilities and conferred with stakeholders.  Options are being developed with a particular emphasis on strengthening maternal health services.

  • A.K. Nandakumar (PI), Diana Bowser, Joanne Beswick, Gary Gaumer, Wu Zeng

    "Financing and Policy Research, Analysis and Technical Support"
    Funder: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    This contract supports the Family Health and Finance and Policy teams at the Gates Foundation.  Researchers will provide policy research, analysis and technical support for specific activities in the diffusion of vaccinations, health system strengthening, health financing, national health accounts and health resource tracking.

Recently Awarded Grants (2009-2010):
  • Ricardo Godoy (PI)

    "The Effects of Roads on Indigenous People's Well-Being and Use of Natural Resources: A Natural Experiment in Lowland Bolivia"
    Funder: National Science Foundation
    Researchers plan to use the proposed road construction as a natural experiment to assess the effect of sudden exposure to the market and the modern world on a wide range of human and environmental indicators of the well-being of native Amazonians.

  • Ricardo Godoy (PI)

    "Summer Field Training in Methods of Data Collection"
    Funder: National Science Foundation
    This project will train PhD students in cultural anthropology at U.S. universities in qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection. Training takes place during June and July among the Tsimané, a native Amazonian society of foragers and farmers in the Bolivian rain forest.

  • A.K. Nandakumar (PI), Gary Gaumer, Marwa Farag, Joanne Beswick

    "USAID Health Systems 20/20"
    Funder: USAID; subcontract to Abt Associates.
    This contract supports the Health Systems 20/20 Project in Cairo, Egypt with the goal of increasing and sustaining the use of priority health services. Activities under this contract include a preventive health sector assessment study, technical support for two rounds of national health accounts, designing a household health care utilization and expenditure survey, a nationally representative study of the costs and efficiency of hospitals and primary health care services, capacity building for the Health Insurance Organization, an assessment of Egypt Ministry of Health performance, and technical assistance to the MOH in adopting the WHO Workload Indicators of Staffing Need (WISN) methodology.

  • A.K. Nandakumar (PI)

    "Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region Strategy Study"
    Funder: World Bank
    This contract funds the writing of two chapters of a World Bank report entitled "MENA Regional Health Strategy: Meeting the Challenges of Health Transition." One chapter addresses health financing reforms in the MENA region and the other presents a synthesis of health policy reforms. 

  • Joan Kaufman (PI)

    "Supporting Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation HIV Program Development in China"
    Funder: Gates Foundation/Family Health International
    Working as a technical advisor to the Foundation for the development of a set of activities to better link the efforts of AIDS NGOs to government efforts to control AIDS in China. Developing a training course and strategic plan with indicators and milestones to better foster and evaluate government and NGO collaboration on the AIDS response in the 15 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project sites.

  • Donald Shepard (PI), Aung Lwin

    "Cost-effectiveness of Vector Control to Help Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis"
    Funder: The Task Force for Global Health
    This project will examine the cost-effectiveness of strategies to control the mosquito which transmits lymphatic filariasis, a debilitating tropical illness, and hasten the disease's elimination.

  • Gary Gaumer (PI), Joanne Beswick

    "Planning Project for Eastern Mediterranean Region Health Policy and Economics Program"
    Funder: American University in Cairo/Gates Foundation
    This project helps the American University in Cairo and the World Health Organization plan the first center for health policy in the Middle East region. The center will have a Master's degree program in health economics and policy and a regional collaborative research program in health policy. Bill and Melinda Gates are supporting the effort.

  • Donald Shepard (PI), Migda Dieppa (consultant), Binod Sah (consultant)

    "Economic Analysis of Dengue in Puerto Rico"
    Funder: Sanofi Pasteur
    This project is combining patient interviews, surveillance data, and a novel hand-held data acquisition to study the costs of dengue in Puerto Rico in cooperation with the US Centers for Disease Control.

  • Donald Shepard (PI), Yara Halasa (co-investigator), Eduardo Undurraga (co-investigator)

    "Cost of Dengue in Malaysia and the Americas"
    Funder: Sanofi Pasteur
    This grant supports the organization of existing data into a model that will project the direct and indirect cost of dengue in Malaysia and the western hemisphere.

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