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Aiming to increase recognition of the way behaviors impact health, and to work with systems and organizations to design processes and approaches
that improve the overall health of the population.

Aiming to increase recognition of the way behaviors impact health, and to work with systems and organizations to design processes and approaches that improve the overall health of the population.

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 Since the Heller School began, both faculty and students have studied mental and substance use disorders.  Formalized in 2003, IBH focuses on the intersection of health, behavior, and systems of care, with an emphasis on their linkages. Its underlying premise is that these systems can be better used to promote healthier lifestyles and assist individuals to engage in behaviors which lead to better health.

Our focus is broadening to include other issues that are affected by behaviors which can be targeted by interventions and have an impact on health and wellness. In addition to studying systems of care, we investigate health outcomes that are associated with behaviors, and also develop and test methods to evaluate the effects of behaviors on health.

We consider a variety of systems of care, including health care delivery, as well as criminal justice, education, social services, housing, military and the workplace.

We hope that you find this site useful as you learn more about our research staff and our activities in behavioral health.

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Sharon Reif, Ph.D., '02 accepts the 2017 Heller School Mentoring Award presented by Interim Dean Marty Wyngaarden Krauss, Ph.D., '81.

2017 Mentoring Award

Professor Deborah Garnick, Sc.D., was awarded a 2017 Teaching Innovation Award for her project 'Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in College Teaching.'  The team of investigators (Melissa Kosinski-Collins - Biology (Science Division), Carole Carlson (Heller School), Josh Lederman – English (Humanities Division), Wendy Cadge  - Sociology (Social Sciences Division), Susan Dibble -  Theater Arts (Creative Arts Division), Carol Osler - International Business School), will develop a Certificate in College Teaching tailored to Brandeis University.  This will provide students the opportunity for professional development to become effective teachers and will make them more competitive when applying for academic positions. 

Rachel Adams
  • Appointed to the Editorial Board – Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation
  • Elected to the International Planning Committee, 12th World Congress on Brain Injury (March, 2017)

Peter Kreiner, Ph.D.,  was the recipient of a 2017 Provost Research Grant Award for his project. ‘Spread of risky prescribing behavior in prescriber patient-sharing networks.’ The project will use 2010 – 2016 data from Maine’s prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) to examine prescriber patient-sharing networks in relation to risky prescribing behavior.

New and Notable

Look for Heller researchers at upcoming 2017 conferences:

Addiction Health Services Research (AHSR)
2017 Addiction Health Services Research Conference
October 18-20, 2017
Madison, WI


 IBH Researchers in the News:
 Peter Kreiner Andrew Kolodny

Recent  Publications

Reif S, Acevedo A, Garnick DW, Fullerton CA. (2017) Reducing Behavioral Health Inpatient Readmissions for People With Substance Use Disorders: Do Follow-Up Services Matter? Psychiatric Services, 68(8): 810-818.

Mary Brolin and Janice Yost co-authored an op-ed piece for Commonwealth Magazine highlighting the Worcester Initiative for Supported Reentry (WISR) project, (Brolin, PI).

Barth, K.S., Ball, S., Adams, R.S., Nikitin, R.V., Wooten, N.R., Qureshi, Z.P., Larson, M.J.. (2017). Development and feasibility of an academic detailing intervention to improve prescription monitoring program use among physicians serving military members and veterans. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions. 37(2): 98-105. 

Idrisov, B., Murphy, S.M., Morrill, T., Saadoun, M., Lunze, K., Shepard, D. (2017) Implementation of methadone therapy for opioid use disorder in Russia – a modeled cost-effectiveness analysis. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy, 12:4 DOI: 10.1186/s13011-016-0087-9

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