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About IBH

Institute for Behavioral Health (IBH)

The Heller School's strength and reputation as a center for health policy and health services research stems in large part from its long-standing focus on behavioral health.  The Institute for Behavioral Health (IBH) now focuses on the intersection of health, behavior and systems of care, believing that these systems can be better used to promote healthier lifestyles and to assist individuals to engage in behaviors that lead to better health. Systems of care include primary and specialty health care, as well as other systems such as criminal justice, education and social services. Training and education remain a core part of our mission, as does the dissemination of results of research and policy studies. Behavioral health continues to be an important part of the Schneider Institutes' research portfolio with over 40 active projects conducted by over 20 IBH researchers.

As a leading research center for studies related to the organization, delivery and financing of substance abuse and mental health services, many of our projects are large, multi-year, federally funded studies. Recently, we have expanded our work in the areas of military health, prescription drugs, and decision-making, and have begun to develop a research agenda on how lifestyle changes affect health.   Over 70 current and recently completed studies include studies on managed behavioral health care, the financing and organization of the alcohol and drug treatment system, prescription drugs related to behavioral health, performance measurement and quality, substance abuse prevention, mental health, tobacco, obesity and lifestyle, military health, and with a focus across the lifespan, including children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.  The IBH portfolio has been funded by NIH (NIDA, NIAAA, NIMH, NINR), SAMHSA (CSAT, CSAP, CMHS, OAS), Department of Defense (DoD), foundations (e.g., the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Cancer Society), and specific states. 

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