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AHRQ Training Grant in Health Services Research and Policy Analysis



The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality Doctoral (AHRQ) Training Grant in Health Services Research is a federally-sponsored doctoral training program located within the Schneider Institutes for Health Policy, Heller School, Brandeis University, to support and educate qualified doctoral students interested in research careers. 

The AHRQ Training Program is a full-time PhD program, with tuition and stipend support for up to three years. The primary objective of the program is the focused and rigorous preparation of doctoral students for research careers in universities, governmental agencies, or other research settings devoted to health services research. The AHRQ Training Program is designed to produce researchers with expertise in state-of-the-art concepts and research methods in health services research and health policy analysis. 

Additional information about the AHRQ program may be found here.

Information and Application Procedures

Individuals interested in the AHRQ Training Program should apply directly to the Heller School at Brandeis University and must comply with the specific application and admission requirements of the Heller School. Applicants for the AHRQ Fellowship must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. For further information about the AHRQ training program, please contact one of the following:

  • Jon Chilingerian, Ph.D., Program Director, 781-736-3828
  • Christopher P. Tompkins, Ph.D., Associate Director, 781-736-3913
  • Wendy N. Colnon, Program Manager, 781-736-3964

Applicants must be accepted into the PhD program at the Heller School before they can be considered for an AHRQ fellowship. There is no separate application process for the training grant. However, the Statement of Purpose from the admissions application may be used in the selection process and candidates are encouraged to discuss their interest in the training grant in their statement. We encourage inquiries regarding the AHRQ program prior to the submission of the Heller application. Inquiries regarding the PhD program should be directed to the Admissions Office at 781-736-3820 or

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