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The Institute on Healthcare Systems (IHS) includes three groups dedicated to practical, actionable strategies for improving the quality of the healthcare system. The Health Industry Forum sponsors independent, objective policy analysis and provides a range of neutral venues where healthcare leaders and other stakeholders work together to develop strategies and solutions. The Industry Forum also sponsors small leadership conferences convened to focus on innovative strategies for improving the quality and effectiveness of health care.

The Massachusetts Health Policy Forum was created in 1998 to bring public and private health care leaders together to engage in focused discussion on critical health policy challenges facing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Modeled after the successful National Health Policy Forum of George Washington University, the Massachusetts Forum conducts approximately four forums per year for an invited audience of health care leaders and legislators.

The Council on Health Care Economics and Policy, founded by Stuart Altman, focuses on economic issues in the realm of healthcare policy. The council also considers the implication of system changes for access to health care services and for quality of care. The Council sponsors expert meetings designed to generate new ideas for improving both the financing and delivery of healthcare.

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