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Schneider Institutes for Health Policy

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IHS Administration

IHS has a dedicated administrative staff to provide support to faculty and researchers.  IHS is also supported by finance and administration staff of the Heller School.

IHS Administration

Christopher P. Tompkins, Director   • 781-736-3913,

Jennifer N. Perloff, Deputy Director   • 781-736-3935,

Wendy N. Colnon, Executive Administrator  • 781-736-3964,

Debbie DeWolfe, Senior Department Coordinator  • 781-736-3123,

Clare Hurley, Executive Administrator  • 781-736-3983,

Ashley Brooks, Senior Events Manager • 781-736-3940,

Finance, Operations, and Research Administration

Ludmila Bagnyuk, Senior Grants Administrator  •  781-736-3910,

Stanley M. Bolotin, Director, Pre-Award Services, Office of  Research Administration,  781-736-2119,

Denise Campbell, Senior Accounting Associate  •  781-736-3980,

Elaine Kennen, Associate Director of Research Accounting  •  781-736-3908,

Yehfang Mok, Senior Grants Administrator  •  781-736-3976,

Linda Purrini, Associate Director of Operations  •  781-736-3930,

Dianne Qualter, Grants Administrator •  781-736-8302,


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