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Welcome from the Executive Director of the Institutes

Welcome from the Executive Director of the Institutes

Dr. Stanley Wallack, SIHP Director STANLEY S. WALLACK, PH.D.
Executive Director

Welcome. The Schneider Institutes have evolved since our founding in 1978 from one of the first U.S. academically-based health care services research entities focused exclusively on Federal health policy to one with a global focus that goes from national policy to the community efforts. Because the founders, myself and Stuart Altman, came to Brandeis University after serving in senior Federal health policy positions, the overarching goal of the Institutes has been to conduct the research needed to answer major health policy issues. We have stayed relevant because our core strength is having experienced, social science researchers, who not only want to dissect a difficult problem -- but also help build the solution.

A distinguishing characteristic that cuts across all three Institutes described on this website's home page is the desire to be an active participant in the implementation of solutions. The health care system is very dynamic, and our thriving over the past 30-plus years is tied to our commitment to be active participants. Finally, being situated in one of the country's leading universities, we are strongly committed to objective research and the dissemination of our findings, work that helps bridge research and practice.

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