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AHRQ Trainees Dissertations (2002 to 2017)

AHRQ  Trainees

Title of Dissertation

PhD (Year)

Doonan, M.

Federalism and Contemporary Health Plan


Fasoli, D.,

In Context:  Exploring the Influence of Nursing Professional Practice on Organizational Quality


Gulley, S.,

Working age adults with chronic conditions and disabilities:  Risk factors for and effects of being uninsured


McNeil, D.

Putting Consumers at Risk:  An Evaluation and Interpretation of Consumer-driven Health Care


Perloff, J.

Short-Term Cessation from Drug Use and Treatment Effectiveness in Puerto Rico


Agris, J.

Standardizing the Unstandardized Health Care Industry by mandate or Collaborative Effort?  - A Case Study of Two Health Care Standards Development Processes


Stahl, E.

Emergency Department Overcrowding:  Its Evolution and Effect on Patient Populations in Massachusetts


Cahow, E

Forecast of Demand for Nursing  Home Services in 2015 & 2025


Leung, M.

Impact of a Change in Prescription Drug Benefit on Utilization and Expenditures Among Patients Receiving Cardiovascular Medications


Morley, M.,

Diffusion of Prescription Drugs in the Medicare Population:  An Analysis of the Role of Patient and Drug Characteristics


Moscow, S.

  Race & Ethnicity in Health Services Research


Smalarz, A

Inside the Black Box:  The Effect of Physician Group Culture and Structure on Quality of Care Outcomes


Wong, C.

Effects of Language Barriers on Cancer Screening


Hagigi, F

Evaluation Coordination and Information Technology as Key Drivers of Performance in Ambulance Care Clinics


Haq, S.

Improving Quality by Aligning Physicians- Exploring Substance Abuse Treatment Centers


Hoang, P.

Optimal Primary Care for Elders:  Annual Physicals vs. Comprehensive Care Systems


Lorenz, L.

Living with traumatic brain injury:  thru the lens of photovoice


Ryan, A.

Essays on the Design of Value Based Purchasing in Medicare: Theory and Empirical Evidence


Ryan, M.

Care Coordination for Senior patients with Multiple Chronic Diseases:  Examining the Macro- and Micro-Level Relationships and Outcomes


Alas, G.V.

Redesigning Health Care Processes through Focused Clinics:  Comparing Initiatives in the United States and Belgium Cross-national research study examining the hip arthroplasty care process at five hospitals in the United States and Belgium


Meagher, J.

Nursing Home Compare: Predictors and Consequences of Differing Organizational Response      PhD


Bright, D.

Leadership for Quality Improvements in Disease Management              


Amico, P.

 Community Health Center Efficiency: The role of resource dependence, scale and absorptive capacity in health center efficiency


Flieger, S. P.

Evaluation of a Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot:  The Nature of the PCMH Model and Its Impact on Utilization, Costs and Quality


Moore, S.

Enabling Successful Implementation of Accountable Care Organizations: Understanding Organizational Change in Regionally-based, Multi-stakeholder Healthcare Networks


Mackie, T.

Extending psychotropic medication oversight for children in foster care: A sociological and econometric examination of state monioring mechanisms


Garvin, L.

A Healthy Connection: Modeling, Prioritizing and Piloting Vertrans' My HealththeVet Patient Portal Meaningful Use Measures


Sweeney, C.

Usual Source of Care: Improving Non-Elderly Adult Health Care Experience and Health Status in the U.S.


Shahraz, S.

Accuracy of Medical Coding Algorithms to Identify Complex Conditions in United States Hospitals:  the Case of Sepsis


Sirkin, J.

On the Road 'Meaningful Use' of Electronic Health Records: Examining Implementation in Federally Qualified Community Health Centers


Tschampl, C.

Triple Jeopardy:  Analyses where care coordination, migration, and tuberculosis intersect 


Amin, T.

Evaluating the Efficiency of Cardiac Care


Schneider, N.

Factors that Facilitate Patient Activation in Self-Management of Diabetes:  A Qualitative Comparison across Whie and American Indian Cultures


Sperber, J.

Patient Driven, Patient Centred Care:  Examining Engagement within a Health Community Based on Twitter


Fillo, K. 

Understanding the Organizational Learning and Financial Impact of Adverse Events in Massachusetts


Rosen, M.

Ch-Ch-Changing Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans: Estimating The Effects of Plan Switching On Under-65 Dual Eligibles With Chronic Physicial and Mental Illness


Londhe, S. Empirical Essays on Health Care Reform and Economic Well-Being 2016
Logan, C. Understanding Organizational Change in Response to New Payment Models in Healthcare 2016
Sonik, R.  Poverty Alleviation, Health, and Health Care Costs Among People with Disabilities 2017
Gaiser, M. D. Shared Medical Decision-Making, Trust, and the Acceptance of Treatment Recommendations:  A Comparison of Treatment Decision-Making in Depression and Non-Psychiatric Conditions 2017
Aske, D. B.

An Exploration of Student- and School-Level Predictors of the Relationship Between Student Health and Academic Performance


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