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Cost, Cost-effectiveness, Cost-benefit Analysis

  • Cost-effectiveness of Vector Control to Help Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis
    PI: Don Shepard, Funder: The Task Force for Global Health  
  • Kosovo Health Law: Basic Benefits Package Costing and Action Plan Consultancy
    PI: Diana Bowser, Funder: The World Bank
  • Costs of Dengue in Puerto Rico
    PI: Don Shepard
  • Cost-effectiveness of Pneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccination in Singapore
  • Studies on Dengue Costs across Two Hemispheres
  • Cost-effectiveness of Alternative Malaria Control Approaches in Tanzania
  • Cost-effectiveness of HIV Control Strategies in Uzbekistan
  • Novel Approaches for Estimating Global Costs of Addressing HIV/AIDS
  • Cost-effectiveness of Two Community Health Worker Projects
    PI: Don Shepard, Funder: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    PI: Diana Bowser, Funder: Pathfinder International

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