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Brandeis-Maine Addiction Treatment Study

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Who can I contact if I have questions about this project?

Maureen Stewart at Brandeis University,, 781-736-3717

Sharon Reif at Brandeis University,, 781-736-3924

Stacey Chandler at SAMHS,, 207-287-6337

Brandeis University Institutional Review Board (IRB),, 781-736-8133

Key Project Staff (Brandeis University)

Sharon Reif, Principal Investigator,, 781-736-3924

Maureen Stewart, Project Manager and Co-Investigator,, 781-736-3717

Margot Davis, Lead Interviewer and Co-Investigator,, 781-736-3850

Maria Torres, Interviewer and Co-Investigator,, 781-736-4836


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